Colorplus® and Zincal® sets the benchmark at the 2023 steel awards.

December 13, 20230

Nominations for this year’s Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Awards have featured in everything from local community newspapers to the Guinness Book of Records and have taken shape everywhere from Cape Town to West Africa.

This iconic annual steel industry event, promotes the capability of steel and recognizes award-winning projects that redefines industry standards and sets a new benchmark for innovation in the building and construction industry across 13 categories.

Safal Steel emerged as the winning and preferred choice for roofing and cladding material in six of the nominated and award-winning projects, spanning across eight of the thirteen categories. Colorplus® and Zincal®, known for their durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal, played a crucial role in elevating these projects to new heights.

Congratulations to our team and partners

This success would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our staff, participating clients, partners, and team members across the complete steel value chain. Each of you has contributed to these remarkable achievements, serving as a testament to the endless possibilities that steel, coated in quality with Aluminum & Zinc, can bring to the construction industry.

As we celebrate this recognition, we remain committed to providing innovative and top-quality steel solutions that continue to set industry standards.

Overall WinnerMpumalanga Fresh Produce MarketColorplusOverall Winner
Factory, Warehouse and Metal CladdingPick n Pay Distribution CentreColorplusWinner
Factory, Warehouse and Metal CladdingMpumalanga Fresh Produce MarketColorplusWinner
Factory, Warehouse and Metal CladdingCoca-Cola EswatiniColorplusCommendation
Factory, Warehouse and Metal CladdingJT Ross NorthfieldsColorplusCommendation
Innovation and Sustainability Pick n Pay Distribution CentreColorplusWinner
Innovation and Sustainability Coca-Cola EswatiniColorplusCommendation
Tubular Steel Mpumalanga Fresh Produce MarketColorplusWinner
 Architecturally Exposed SteelworkBiomedical Research Institute (BMRI) at Stellenbosch UniversityColorplusCommendation
Pan-African TrailblazerENK Hydro ProjectZincalCommendation
Best Regional Project (Gauteng Region)Pick n Pay Distribution CentreColorplusWinner
Best Regional Project
(Mpumalanga Region)
Mpumalanga Fresh Produce MarketColorplusWinner

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