Why pre-painted steel roofing is so popular

January 7, 2021

Pre-painted steel roofing sheets are the ultimate material for roof and wall cladding in applications, provide design versatility and high strength yet are lightweight, have excellent thermal performance and brilliant environmental credentials that make it the material of choice for sustainability.

The option of a range of colours makes for a beautiful and distinctive visual statement.

The benefits of using pre-painted/colour-coated roofing sheets:

• Durability is a prominent feature of colour-coated steel roofing sheets. Dependent on where they are used, steel sheets can last considerably longer than 30 years with little maintenance apart from periodic cleaning.

• The sheets are lightweight yet with high strength, making them an ideal building material. The sheeting can be made in varying base metal thicknesses for the strength required by the particular building design.

• Sheeting is made in many different profiles, for all aesthetic and architectural genres.

• When sheets are installed with the appropriate insulation, they can reduce energy consumption by 50% in summer and 40% in winter.

• All steel roofing sheeting is 100% recyclable; steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth, dramatically minimising the negative impact of waste building materials on our environment.

How coated steel works:

Steel is coated with protective alloys which protect the inner steel core from corrosion that is caused by exposure to the elements or pollutants borne in air and water. The longer lasting the protective coating, the longer lasting the life of the inner steel core.

Aluminium-zinc coating alloy is one of the most widely used worldwide to deliver an extended service life to steel sheeting. Gram for gram, it provides considerably longer service life than a traditional zinc galvanising.

Our metal-coated steel sheeting is sold as Zincal®. Colour-coated Zincal® is factory pre-painted and sold as Colorplus® in an array of colours that are both beautiful and durable.


The growing momentum behind pre-painted steel roofing is evident in its wide variety of applications ranging from residential to industrial (warehouses, manufacturing plants, etc.), and commercial (shopping centres, showrooms, airports and public buildings) to agricultural (storage sheds, packing lines and more).

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