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[D] Zincal® [E] Zincal® [F] Backing Coat – Cool Grey

Colorplus® TexturedSuperior aesthetic
with the strength
of Steel.

The Colorplus® Textured range has a sophisticated textured finish favoured by architects and designers. The slightly granular appearance is substantially different from a conventional flat finish, making it particularly attractive on roof sheeting. Alternative applications include interior cladding.

Colorplus® Textured is suitable for all roofing profiles – concealed fix, tile-profiled sheeting and corrugated. It is recommended for roofing pitches greater than 10 degrees and should be used at distances greater than 3km from the sea.

Colorplus® Textured offers a number of benefits:

1The enhanced paint formulation retains colour integrity and reduces dust retention.

2The inherent strength of the steel also reduces the impact of hail and high winds, further reducing maintenance costs over the service life of the roof.


Why steel and what makes

 it sustainable?

A highly-valued property of steel as a building material, is that it may be recycled multiple times without losing its inherent properties.

Generically, the steel recycling journey takes the steel from washing machines, cars and oil cans to ships, railway tracks and screw fixtures. This process saves precious raw materials and reduces energy consumption.

Global recovery rates of pre-consumer and post-consumer steel average more than 83%, making it one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the building environment. Significantly, recycled steel from building sites is seldom downcycled, as it almost always re-emerges as a comparable construction material.


Unique Paint System

Colorplus® Textured contains a revolutionary new paint system designed and supplied by the Beckers Group. According to information available from Beckers, its systems are designed to withstand the toughest indoor and outdoor conditions and possess many qualities required for high-end products. In addition, the upper surface of the product is textured and pleasing to the eye. It lends itself ideally to a variety of roof-sheeting applications. Adding colour not only ramps up aesthetic appeal, but also increases solar reflection. Tests have proven that based on the colour spectrum, lighter colours offer a higher reflectance than darker colours.

Colorplus® Textured is available in three different colours.

Somerset West

Colorplus® Textured was recently used in a new, exclusive housing estate in Somerset West, Cape Town and has proven to be the perfect fit.

Great emphasis was placed on the environmental character of this development, which also offered renewable energy options. Our Colorplus® Textured pre-painted steel roofing material made its debut here; expertly fashioned into the popular Saflok 700 and corrugated profiles.

Colorplus® Textured was used for all the units and functional buildings at the development in the specified colour Thunderstorm. The material used was 0.47mm AZ 150.

ISO Quality System Testing

The successful
implementation of the ISO
quality system is at the core
of our business. This
ensures all processes are
managed to ensure a
consistent product is


To ensure products sent to our customers are defect-free, we have trained quality inspectors who are present during our various production processes.

Longer Lasting Protection

The Aluminium coating component provides a tough physical barrier.

Last Up To 4 Times Longer

The Zinc in the coating provides sacrificial protection and also protects the steel at the cut edges. The superior corrosive property increases the life of the steel core up to four times longer than that of galvanized steel.

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