[A] Top coat [B] Corrosive Inhibitive Primer [C] Pre-treatment
[D] Zincal® [E] Zincal® [F] Backing Coat – Cool Grey

Colorplus® MattUnderstated
elegance. Superior

The new Colorplus® Matt range offers muted finishes with an enhanced smooth texture. Suitable for both roof
sheeting and interior cladding which provides an alternative aesthetic appeal for those who prefer a softer, subtler and more natural matt effect.

Using modern research and development techniques, the paint chemistry enhances forming flexibility,
corrosive properties and offers a subdued gloss finish.

The paint finish is applied onto a Zincal® substrate for optimal durability. Zincal® is rolled steel which has been continuously hot-dipped into a 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon Alloy. Colorplus® Matt is suitable for all roofing profiles – concealed seam, standing seam and pierced profiles.

colorplus matt coated steel coil
colorplus matt steel being coiled



Colorplus® is produced by Safal Steel, a company that is committed to delivering a long-lasting, quality product that satisfies its valued clients. To achieve this, our brands are produced and tested in accordance with global standards.

ISO quality system testing
Quality inspection during production
Artificial weather testing
Live test sites
Quality assurance of the finished product (SABS product quality conformance)

Care and Storage

Keep material dry at all times.

If coil is to be stored, it must be stored in a cool, dry environment, with the protective packaging intact.

Projects more than 1 km from the ocean or 1 km from a highly industrial environment require a 6-monthly wash down. Projects less than 1 km from the ocean or 1 km from a highly industrial environment, and projects with auxiliary installations, require a 4-monthly wash down. All wash downs need to conform to our ecommendations, as detailed in our Recommended Cleaning Procedures for Coated Steel Sheeting guidelines.
wrapped steel coils in storage
steel coil being moved by crane

ISO Quality System Testing

The successful
implementation of the ISO
quality system is at the core
of our business. This
ensures all processes are
managed to ensure a
consistent product is

Quality Inspection

To ensure products sent to
our customers are defect-
free, we have trained
quality inspectors who are
present during our various
production processes.

Longer Lasting Protection

The Aluminium coating
component provides a
tough physical barrier.

Last Up To 4 Times Longer

The Zinc in the coating
provides sacrificial
protection and also
protects the steel at the cut
edges. The superior
corrosive property increases
the life of the steel core up
to four times longer than
that of galvanized steel.

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