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We're all about steel. Being one of the most versatile materials on Earth, steel is completely recyclable and requires very little energy to produce. Taking up to 100 years to vanish from a landfill, we turn this waste into a useful human commodity.
Future Focused

At Safal Steel, we’re all about sustainability. Our entire process, from beginning to end, is produced as gently as possible, always looking forward to building a future of human flourishing and construction longevity. With nearly 40% of global ferrous resources coming from recycled steel, we’re trying to give steel the green footprint it deserves.

The Safal Group was the first producer of aluminium-zinc coated steel in Africa. We are now the sole African licensor of this patented coating technology, that has been recognised as the world’s most advanced alloy delivering an extended service life to steel.

Sustainability is a Core Focus

At Safal Steel, we aim to have a minimum impact on the environment by ensuring a stringent Sustainability Production Methodology is always followed. Our impact on global warming is therefore minimal, due to the following activities:

1. Our Metal Coating Line uses a Recuperator Unit. This means that the unused heat from the furnace is utilised for combustion. Emissions are therefore reduced and the released air is cooler.

aluminium ingot being lifted
steel coil on roller

2. Our Colour Coating Line uses a Thermal Oxidising Unit. This means that the extracted volatiles from the paint are utilised as a fuel for combustion. This results in a reduction in both volatility and temperature.

3. Our Production Plant has its own Sewerage Treatment Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant, meaning that all water is treated and re-used in the processing divisions. Safal Steel does not release any waste water to the municipality.

sewerage treatment plant
sewerage treatment plant

4. All waste steel is recycled. This means that of all waste produced, up to 95% is recycled.


Pickling of the Hot Roll Coil refers to the immersion of steel in an acid tank in order to remove the iron oxides or scale from the steel’s surface in preparation of the cold rolling process.

Cold Reverse Mill
The Hot Roll Coil is cold rolled on the Cold Reverse Mill at ambient temperature once pickling is complete. The entire process occurs through a number of reverse passes until the base metal thickness is achieved.

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Hot Dip Process
Continuous sheet galvanising is a process in which sheets from 0.25 mm – 0.8mm thick is passed as a continuous ribbon through cleaning baths and molten alloy at speeds of up to
160 meters per minute.

Alloy Coated Steel
The result of the Hot Dip Process allows for flexibility in a range of coating thicknesses, surface finishes, strengths and ductility levels. Coated steel is highly formable and can now be sold as an Alloy Coated Product (Zincal®).

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Colour Coating
At Safal Steel we use carefully selected pigments to avoid rapid colour change, our coating technology also includes modified polyesters that resist dirt build-up. Colorplus® is available in a range of vibrant colours, and offers the benefit of increased solar reflection.

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Safal Steel’s Zincal® coated steel provides a superior alternative to galvanized steel.


Colorplus® brings modern innovation to pre-painted steel roofing – not to mention a range of colours that are as visually appealing as they are durable.

Colorplus® Ultima

Changing environmental conditions requires a highly durable product to enhance the lifespan of both roofing and cladding installations.

Colorplus® Matt

The new Colorplus® Matt range offers muted finishes with an enhanced smooth texture.

Colorplus® Textured

The Colorplus® Textured range has a sophisticated textured finish favoured by architects and designers.
Colorplus Optima coated steel layers

Colorplus® Optima

Inspired by the vibrant colours of Africa, Optima® is the brand of choice for durable, cost effective,
pre-painted steel roofing.

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