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Zincal®Steel coated with
Aluminium and Zinc

Safal Steel’s ZINCAL® coated steel provides a superior alternative to galvanized steel. The technique of coating steel with Aluminium and Zinc (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon) has been extensively researched and surpasses the performance of traditional galvanized steel.

Innovative methods and production techniques are taking steel to new levels of strength, formability and versatility. In ZINCAL®, the durability and service life of modern coated steel is extended even further. ZINCAL® is produced by a unique, efficient process whereby rolled steel is continuously hot-dipped into a 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon Alloy. This patented coating protects the steel in two ways:

1The aluminium component of the coating provides a tough physical barrier between the extreme atmospheric conditions and the inner core of steel.

2The zinc in the coating provides sacrificial protection and also
protects the steel at the cut edges.




ZINCAL® is produced by Safal Steel, a company that is committed to delivering a long-lasting, quality product that satisfies its valued clients. To achieve this, our brands are produced and tested in accordance with global standards.

ISO quality system testing
Quality inspection during production
Artificial weather testing
Live test sites
Quality assurance of the finished product (SABS product quality conformance)


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Thermal Attributes

The thermal mass of ZINCAL® is significantly lower than traditional galvanised steel and clay tile roofs, due to the addition of aluminium. This increases the reflection of the sun’s rays, creating a cooler building in summer and a warmer building in winter.



To ensure we produce a product that not only satisfies quality standards, but also performs under weathering conditions, we have commissioned the following test methods:

Salt Spray Testing (Q Fog Testing)
Products are exposed for predetermined time periods to salt fumes at fixed temperatures. The time periods are determined by the various coating categories.

Live Test Stations
Live test stations have now been installed at various locations for monitoring the visual performance of ZINCAL® under everyday weathering conditions.


Quality Testing

During the quality testing of the product, we focus on various characteristics such as mechanical properties and coating performance. Zincal® is tested using the following methods:

Mechanical property testing
– Hardness testing (HRB and HR30T)
– Tensile and Yield testing (MPa)
– Elongation (%)

Coating performance
– Impact testing
– Bend testing (0T to 3T)
– Coating mass (g/m2)
– Cupping test
– Lock forming testing

ISO Quality System Testing

The successful implementation of the ISO quality system is at the core of our business. This ensures all processes are managed to ensure a consistent product is produced.


To ensure products sent to our customers are defect-free, we have trained quality inspectors who are present during our various production processes.

Longer lasting protection

The Aluminium coating component provides a tough physical barrier.

Last up to 4 times longer

The Zinc in the coating provides sacrificial protection and also protects the steel at the cut edges. The superior corrosive property increases the life of the steel core up to four times longer than that of galvanized steel.

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