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July 10, 2022
Crystal Lagoon housing development
Crystal Lagoon aerial view

A flagship Balwin Properties development, The Blyde, officially opened during 2018 in Pretoria on Copperleaf Estate and is ongoing with up to three phases of multi-unit residential housing being envisaged. Rated as a R4.2 billion development at the time, the project featured the first clear-water lagoon in sub-Saharan Africa. a 1.5 hectare man-made lagoon, the equivalent to just over two rugby fields. This is aimed at providing a beach setting for residents. A further lagoon is planned for later phases.

Safal Steel AZ150 products were specified for the roofing across all the housing components during phase 1 and ongoing.

Blyde housing roofs

Amenities at the Blyde include a state of the art lifestyle centre which includes a restaurant, gym, spa, concierge, laundromat, multi-purpose sports fields as well as two swimming pools within the lagoon.

According to Matthew Whalley, the Green Innovation Manager for Balwin, considerable thought and planning was given to ensuring that this stunning residential development would achieve the highest possible level of green building accolade. In this regard, the developer applied for and received EDGE certification via the Green Building Council of SA.

Supporting this certification were a number of sustainability applications, which included:

1. Lower energy use in the residences via PV solar harvesting to reduce reliance on grid electricity, low energy lighting, installation of energy efficient appliances and construction using passive design elements to help with climate control of the apartments.

2. Lower water consumption facilitated by low flow water fittings. In addition, the lifestyle swimming lagoon is a renown low water user, In line with the Crystal Lagoons approach of having far less impact in terms of water usage than that of a park or golf course.

3. Lower embodied energy in the design via the careful selection of building materials having a lower embodied energy usage during their manufacturing process.

4. Designed for non-motorised transport. Integrated lifestyle amenities mean that the car can be left at home. The local community lifestyle centre in the development allows residents access to amenities without having to drive to external locations, assisting sustainable lifestyle of that community as well as a reduction in the usage of motorised transport and its associated carbon emissions – virtually the “15-minute city”.

housing development roofing


In line with the developer’s sustainability approach, the residential apartments at the Blyde are fitted with Colorplus® AZ150 roofing in a corrugated 10.5mm profile and colour Colorplus® Thunderstorm, 0.53, AZ150 was used. Safal Steel Colorplus® offers a sustainable roofing solution owing to its longevity and ongoing colour retention when compared with the conventional galvanised pre-painted steel.

Crystal Lagoon housing development

About Colorplus®

Colorplus® is made with a range of coating thicknesses on the Zincal® substrate – AZ100, AZ150 and AZ200 which are suited to differing degree of corrosion environments, providing the durability that will deliver an investment with a warranted lifespan. The pre-painted version, Colorplus® is available in a range of coating options including modified Polyester, Textured and Matt finishes. These meet the specifications called by the most demanding architectural and design challenges.

About the colours

Innovative pigments used in the paint have been carefully selected to avoid rapid colour change and retain a fresh appearance for many years. The technology used for this coating system also limits chalking. Particle resistance is an important factor with the growing increase in windborne contaminants and dust. Advances in pre-painted coating technology means that our modified polyesters resist dirt, ensuring your building stays cleaner for longer. With its balance between cost and quality, UV resistance and corrosion resistance, hardness and flexibility, Colorplus ® is redefining the pre­ painted coated steel sector.

Backed by a warranty of performance

Safal Steel warrants its Zincal® and Colorplus® (colour coated steel) to have a service life (prior to perforation by weathering in the natural elements) from date of installation. Warranty periods are determined by Safal Steel and may vary according to project design and location. A Provisional Warranty may be applied for at project design stage; this warranty serves as a guideline as to the final warranty Safal Steel may issue on project completion. A Final Warranty application form may be submitted to Safal Steel by the roll former on project completion, requesting Safal Steel to issue a warranty for the specific material used on a specific project.

Look for the trademark. All Safal Steel prime material is branded on the backing coat – insist on Safal Steel material.

Professional team:

Architect – LYT Melrose Arch – Lore de Bruyn – (
Developer – Balwin Properties
Quantity Surveyors – Wesley Cox
Civil Engineer – Civil Concepts Menlo Park
Contractor – Balwin Properties
Roofing sub-contractor – Roofing Erection Services, Gauteng
Roll-former- Youngman Gauteng
Roofing material supplier – Safal Steel
About Colorplus®

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