The Hazendal

April 15, 2024


The Hazendal Hotel (“The Hazendal”) near Kuils River Cape Town, is a destination boutique hotel offering 5 star quality and service but is still relatively affordable. It boasts a luxurious spa, swimming pool, ballroom/event space, a golf club, clubhouse, gymnasium, bar and training facilities. All of this called for a well executed design and project plan – and a roof that would match the 5-star brief.

Style, colour and beauty

As the crowning glory of the new building, the roof lends a nod to the classic Cape Dutch pitched roof including the flat sections. Cape Vernacular is a broad term that refers to the local architectural language of the Cape farmhouses and barns since the 17th century but in its contemporary interpretation it encompasses a modernising of the gables and other features, to create charming style dwellings endemic to the Western Cape.

Whilst the classic roofing method covering with thatch, the modern trend is to specify a metallic roof in a dark colour that recalls the classic Cape Dutch look.

At the Hazendal, the roofing design called for a classic corrugated roof Colorplus® AZ150 TCT 0.53 in colour Thunderstorm, a popular colour in the Safal Steel range, that mimics that of thatch. The very low pitch areas use a concealed fix profile.The new buildings are 20km away from the coastline, which is a perfect technical match for AZ150.

Youngman Roofing supplied a total of 3 000m2 of corrugated panels and a smaller quantity of Springlok 700 concealed fix roofing for the flatter areas of the roof. Ultimately, the Safal Steel Warranty Certificate was issued in May 2023.

Lead architect on the project, Lee-Ann Ardendorff of Boogertman & Partners says she was brought onto the project because of her hospitality industry experience abroad, having designed and delivered hotel developments in Oman, Dubai, Ireland and the UK. The synergy with international travelers was therefore a good fit.

Roof design

One of the important aspects of the hotel’s architecture was the roof design. Ardendorff fills in the detail:  “The roof design was fairly complex with the use of both timber and steel trusses as well as concrete ring beams as wall plates and double height steel frames with sheeting abutting structural glazing. We also have sheeting on the vertical face of a double height wall facing the padel course with a concealed gutter at the top. This sheeted wall actually contains services such as electrical cables, rainwater pipes and acts as an external services riser.

“The site has a dam on one side and a golf course on the other, so the response to the surrounding environment is important. The scale and height of the roof was important in the design as we could not dominate the existing heritage buildings and nearby hotel and gallery.  The hotel appears smaller than it is from the arrival because of this proportional sensitivity. The span of the large ballroom and restaurant roof is concealed behind a parapet so as to reduce the scale of the building visible from Bottlerary road and the golf course.”

According to Youngman Roofing, roof sheets were supplied to the designer’s specification and their company was flexible to meet the changes in the architecture where the pitch of the roof meant the order was changed to the use of more corrugated sheets than concealed fix.

Environment and sustainability

In terms of the environment, Safal Steel Colorplus® is once again a sound choice.
The lifecycle analysis benefits of aluminium-zinc alloy coated steel on the roof are documented as:

  • Lower carbon footprint owing to high recycled material content.
  • Lower energy manufacturing process due to cold roll mill and other processes
  • Pre-painted and pre-cut at the role former’s factory – less waste on site and lower transportation costs.
  • Lightweight when compared with conventional galvanized steel – supports dematerialisation.
  • Energy saving – high solar reflective index, even for the darker colours due to a customised paint system applied at the factory.
  • Long life in service – up to four times longer than the conventional and backed by a warranty subject to T’s&C’s.
  • Blends in well aesthetically with the physical environment – see the architects’ comments above.
  • Range of colours available, backing the above.
  • Can be recycled again and again – steel is one of the most recycled building materials on earth.
  • High dirt resistance and fade resistance.

Conclusion: A job well executed

“It has been a dream client who is very hands on and involved in the design process every step of the way. They wanted us to create a special destination and really cared about every aspect of the final outcome” concludes Ardendorff.

Service warranty

Safal Steel warrants its Zincal® and Colorplus® (colour coated steel) to have a service life (prior to perforation by weathering in the natural elements) from date of installation. Warranty periods are determined by Safal Steel and may vary according to project design and location. A Provisional Warranty may be applied for at project design stage; this warranty serves as a guideline as to the final warranty Safal Steel may issue on project completion. A Final Warranty application form may be submitted to Safal Steel by the roll former on project completion, requesting Safal Steel to issue a warranty for the specific material used on a specific project.

Look for the trademark. All Safal Steel prime material is branded on the backing coat – insist on Safal Steel material.

For any technical queries please contact Safal Steel and ask for the representative in your area.

Project team:

Developer: Hazendal
Hotel operator: Newmark Hotels
Architects: Boogertman, Cape Town
Interior design: MiDesigns
Roofing contractor: Rome Roofing
Roofing profile supplier: Youngman Roofing
Roofing material supplier: Safal Steel
Material supplied: Safal
Project photos by: Lee-Ann Ardendorff (Boogertman Architects)
Rooftop photos by: Rome Roofing.

Vital statistics:

Roofing profiles used: Corrugated and Diamondek Springlok 700
Rollformer: Youngman Roofing
Roofing material used: Colorplus® AZ150 in colour Thunderstorm
Square metres supplied: 3 000m2
Completed: May 2023

Products used:

  • Colorplus AZ100 TCT 0.53
  • Novotexi 440 by Macsteel – rollformed in the factory

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